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Territories committed to sustainable development and biodiversity 

We are already committed to

  • We encourage dialogue between residents, elected officials, associations, public and private socio-economic actors
  • We promote permanent interactions between researchers, managers and users of territories and the world of education
  • We develop and disseminate methods of governance and participatory management of territories
  • We encourage actors of positive change and approaches to progress: Biosphere Reserve Trophies, eco-actors' charters,.....
  • We facilitate and support interdisciplinary research related to territorial issues through the co-construction of projects between research teams and managers, and the dissemination and valorisation of results
  • We participate in civic education and training, in particular through the MAB Master's degree (University of Toulouse), its promotion abroad under the auspices of a UNESCO Chair and we participate in many university courses
  • We bring our expertise to international projects to create or strengthen Biosphere Reserves.

Our objectives

Reinforcing the implementation of all the sustainable development aims in the Biosphere Reserves

  • Continuing to promote new adaptive governances
  • Supporting and accompanying local exemplary initiatives
  • Promoting and expanding the Biosphere Reserve trophies
  • Strengthening the network of eco-players, in France and beyond
  • Contributing to ambitious research programmes in the territories, in order to evaluate social interdependencies and the contribution of nature to human well-being.

Multiplying and disseminating our knowledge and practices for the social and ecological transition 

  • Establishing a wide-reaching and effective communication strategy, based on the worldwide MAB strategy
  • Invigorating and developing the current Biosphere reserve network in metropolitan and overseas France, as well as across the borders
  • Helping to exchange experiences between model territories in France and throughout the world  
  • Supporting new international projects with our expertise
  • Summarising, publishing and sharing our knowledge through introductory and professional training.

Finding the appropriate resources to work effectively for nature and the future generations 

  • Reinforcing the national coordinating team of MAB France
  • Strengthening the coordination resources of the Biosphere reserves. They lead the MAB programme on their territories, interacting with researchers, facilitating dialogue and broadening the scope of participation, and create links between their territories and the national and worldwide network
  • Reinforcing, diversifying and expanding our technical and financial partnerships: elected representatives, national institutions, public and private companies, French and international NGOs. 

Our strengths

  • Adapting the Biosphere Reserves’ governance modes to local social, economic and ecological contexts
  • Looking for local solutions to worldwide issues, through dialogue and participation, based on the understanding and respect of cultures
  • Working with researchers in sustainable sciences
  • Mobilizing socio-economic players who can bring about change
  • Involving the young generation in our governance, as they are the driving force behind the ecological and social transition, through the Co’MAB association
  • Drawing on skills from other countries through exchanges in the worldwide network.


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