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Sustainability sciences aim to find solutions to the environmental challenges Society is facing. Therefore, this main goal calls for action. This implies that researchers need to collaborate between disciplinarities (interdisciplinarity) on complex topics (such as social-ecological systems, territories...) and with a diversity of non-academic stakeholders (transdisciplinary collaboration).

The COLLAB2 project aims to get a better understanding of these collaborations. The researchers of the project use three different objects of study for their research: Biosphere Reserves, Human-Habitats Observatories, and the "Zones Ateliers" (workshop areas) of CNRS. The COLLAB2 project end goal is to help researchers and  partners to understand the factors, processes, trajectories and potentials of transformation of their collaboration, on top of identifying and overcoming the difficulties these collaborations can bring. The project is composed of 18 people, among which a team of 11 researchers from different backgrounds (sociology, geography, ecology, biology) and from different structures (Universités, CNRS, INRAE). Seven key stakeholders have been closely engaged in the project, of which the Head of MAB France. They participate to meetings, they help designing methods and debate around the directions and results the project is taking along the process.

 The project is funded by ANR 2019-2024 and uses methods of environmental sociology, sociology of sciences and potilical sociology. 
Coordinator : Isabelle Arpin (INRAE).

Contact of the project at MAB France: Christine Hervé

To know more about the project, please click on this link: Collab2