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All MAB stakeholders meet at world congresses: Minsk 1983, Seville 1995, Madrid 2008, Lima 2016. Each congress produces a strategy and/or action plan, a roadmap for the global network.

International Co-ordinating Council (ICC) of the Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Programme

The MAB International Coordinating Council is the main governing body of MAB, comprising 34 Member States. France is currently one of them. It meets annually, approves new biosphere reserves, carries out periodic reviews and takes decisions on the programme.  

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France is involved in the EuroMAB regional network. It includes 292 biosphere reserves and MAB committees in the "Europe and North America" region, representing 37 states.
It promotes exchanges at conferences every 2 years. A place of inspiration and intense emulation for the managers, researchers, elected officials or administrative staff who participate in it, the workshops encourage collaborative actions on various themes: how to enhance the value of local actors engaged in sustainable approaches, participatory governance, adaptation and mitigation of climate change, connecting humans to nature and well-being, strengthening scientific and academic cooperation, management of urban sites, etc. The countries are successively candidates for organizing these meetings. 

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In 2017, France welcomed EuroMAB to the Dordogne Basin Biosphere Reserve. On this occasion, she proposed the establishment of cooperation on rivers.

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EuroMAB 2019 will take place in Ireland in the Dublin Bay Biosphere Reserve.

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