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Biosphere reserve of
Fangu Valley


The Fangu Valley Biosphere Reserve includes the watershed of Fangu, a mountain stream flowing into the Gulf of Galeria in Corsica. It extends from the Mediterranean Sea to an altitude of 2,556 metres, offering all the intermediate layers of a Mediterranean valley.

Human activity is very discreet with 450 inhabitants spread over different hamlets in the municipalities of Galeria, Manso and Calenzana. The economy is essentially based on livestock farming, local products and summer tourism concentrated on the coast and shores of Fango. Controlling tourist numbers is one of the major challenges, with the need to extend the season by diversifying tourist products and managing the impact of visitors on the most frequented areas, such as the Fango swimming areas and its estuary.


Discover the vallée du Fango Biosphere Reserve and download the information leaflet.

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Parc Naturel Régional de Corse

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+33 6 09 50 10 39


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